Soliloquy, Her Story©

Soliloquy: HerStory© is a compilation of monologues related to women’s health issues.  The stories shared are based on real life events that were inspired, authored, copy-written and performed by members of Phi Beta Omega Chapter. The production of the performance features an intimate setting in which the performers share their stories in an overly dramatized vignette-style, related to varying women’s health issues. Some topics covered are: Cancer, Lupus, Heart Disease, Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Post-partum Depression, Mental Illnesses, HIV and Abortion.

The inspiration behind Soliloquy: HerStory© came after watching the performance of the Vagina Monologues. Members  wanted to develop a way to share real-life stories in a compelling format that would leave a lasting impression and encourage anyone who witnesses it to seek advice from a health professional. Since its inception in 2011, Soliloquy: HerStory© has been performed several times at varying locations including churches, hospitals and university auditoriums.


There's power in sharing...HerStory

Soliloquy: HerStory

The Soliloquy: Her Story, cast w/the Chapter Program Chairman, Nia Campbell (far left);  Chapter President Sabrina Price-Powell (middle left) Regional Program, Wanda King (middle right); and the Auxiliary President, Claudia Lyles (far right)

Additional Performances

Her Story

Performance at Rho Theta’s Omega Health Event        October 2014